Tim P. Carving Services
Decorative Indoor

Featured is one of my past available pieces.  It is a 15" tall maple wood, chainsaw mushroom indoor sculpture. I do offer other sculptures (animals, geometrical shapes) but I currently specialize-in and thoroughly enjoy creating realistic or abstract mushrooms. Online store of available indoor carvings coming soon. If you are interested in a custom carving before said time, please feel free to drop me a line through my contact page and we can get you all set up! 

On-sight stump transformations. Residential and park properties 
Nuclear mushroom 1

Turn your property into a whimsical mushroom garden that will create many family memories for years to come. Sculptures like this make the imagination of children soar! Unwanted property tree stumps are possibly a perfect canvass for becoming future one-of-a-kind pieces of art if they fit the criteria [ i.e. aren't rotted all the way through or have irreversible insect issues. This can be determined upon consultation inspection]. Have one stump carved or as many available on your property as you'd desire. Make public parks even more fun by carving tree stumps along hiking paths. Sight seeing mushroom sculpture hunts are really something special! See "Mushroom Forest" page for an idea of what you could expect! 

Outdoor Sculptures

Check back for the opening of my online shop of available outdoor Tim P. sculptures. Each purchase will come with instructions on proper upkeep and maintenance. Maintenance packages offered at time of purchase.